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Starting My Digital Marketing Specialist Job at Activa Clinics

About Activa Clinics

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I commenced my job last month at Activa Clinics corporate office, where I am working in a full-time position as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Activa Clinics is a family-founded leading healthcare services company. It was founded in 1999 as the first multidisciplinary healthcare clinic in Ontario. It currently offers services like physiotherapy, Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, massage, Orthotics and other related services in its six clinic locations across the GTA. The company also owns various other businesses and brands like pharmacies, personal protective equipment wholesale and retail eCommerce business, mobile IV therapy, and a recently launched mental health counselling service business. Although my primary focus is the digital marketing of Activa Clinics, I also have the opportunity to work on projects for all of the other five subsidiaries of this company.

My first day at work

Activa Clinics have their website and have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn presence in terms of digital platform and channels. Their competitors are similar clinics in the GTA providing multidisciplinary healthcare services, namely Physio Med, PT Health, Lifemark, CBI Health and others. However, Activa Clinics is different from its competitors in terms of its approach towards patients. Patient care is at the core and heart of what they do by providing a comprehensive customized treatment plan to help patients achieve their recovery goals. So whether a patient has a car accident injury or has pulled a muscle in their back, Activa Clinics offers several personalized services and programs that can help them recover quickly.

Darshanie Mahadeo

I currently work under the direction of Darshanie Mahadeo, the Digital Marketing Manager of Activa Clinics. She has several years of marketing experience and effectively manages the marketing department by constantly acknowledging achievements and encouraging team members to learn more each day.

My Job Responsibilities as Digital Marketing Specialist

As Activa Clinics is currently facing issues related to low brand awareness and leads, my work responsibilities focus on achieving the business goals through digital marketing:

  • Creating content to improve the ranking in Google for target keywords
  • Implementing digital marketing strategies, including SEO/SEM
  • Managing marketing budget and creating Google Ads and Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Analyzing Data on Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush and drawing insights and preparing reports
  • Addressing all the SEO issues that surface from the SEMrush audit.
  • Creating content for social media posts, email campaigns, print copy and more
  • Implementing strategies to gain social media followers for all brands
  • Optimizing content and updates on company websites
  • Assisting with the development and executing of all marketing plans
  • Developing presentations, videos and press releases

Overall, my first month has been great learning about the business, industry, issues and opportunities. I have already learned a lot in the first month at Activa Clinics, growing my knowledge and skills. I feel privileged to work for this reputable business and hope to positively impact Activa Clinics’ continuing success.

How was your first-month job experience? Would you please share in the comment section below and stay tuned for my next post as I share my digital marketing experience along the way?

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