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Applying My Learnings, Skills And Knowledge In The Workplace

In my last post, I shared how I learned about Activa Clinic’s sector, marketplace and competitors in the first month of work. And in today’s post, I am sharing the projects I was involved in, in the second month and how I put my education, skills, and knowledge into practice.

Resolved Technical SEO Issues

As a Digital Marketing Specialist at Activa Clinics, part of my job includes creating digital content for the website and social media. Hence, I was assigned to update the content and write blogs for the website in the past weeks. However, while using the SEMrush tool, I noticed that the Activa Clinics website had several PageSpeed issues that prevented it from ranking better on search engines.

Hence, I took permission from my supervisor to resolve Technical SEO first before publishing new content.

To fix the PageSpeed issues and improve the WordPress website performance, I took the following steps:

  1. Found all the issues using SEMrush and assigned them priorities.
  2. Created a website backup from the cPanel account.
  3. Uninstalled unused and unnecessary plugins.
  4. Updated the WordPress core, theme, and all the plugins.
  5. Installed LiteSpeed plugin to cache the website, and
  6. Optimized images using the plugin (compressed, changed format to webp and activated lazy-load)

Result: The website now loads in 3.18 seconds instead of the 14.4 seconds it took earlier. As measured in the Google Analytics report, it helped increase the time spent by users on the website by 63%, the number of pages visited by 8% and the number of goal completions by 49% compared to the previous month.

Activa Clinics website speed test report

During the process, I also discovered the limitations of the hosting company that hindered in further improvement of website speed. And hence, I suggested changing the hosting provider.

Created Blog Content

As the management decided to focus on promoting a few of the selected services provided by the Clinics, I was also involved in writing the blog articles on these services after resolving the PageSpeed issue. I started with a topic and keyword research, along with competitor research. Next, I used SEMrush, UberSuggest and Google Keyword planner to find the best relevant keywords with high search volume and low difficulty to rank. Finally, I wrote two short-form articles with quick and easy-to-digest content covering a specific topic area.

Created Social Media Content

Activa Clinics is facing a brand awareness issue, and the best way to overcome this is through Social Media. Hence, I was committed to regularly creating content for popular social media platforms together with other projects. As there wasn’t any established content calendar present, I made one to plan and develop a mix of interesting, entertaining, informative, and promotional content. I used Canva as a primary tool to create images and videos and Later to schedule and publish them.

I am proud of creating a well-organized, visually appealing grid on Instagram profile with nice, clean and attractive visuals instead of posting casual content irregularly. My efforts increased the following of Activa Clinics by 28.8% across all the social media platforms, with an average engagement rate of 3% on Instagram posts since I started to optimize accounts and share relevant content. My supervisor was highly impressed with all my efforts and appreciated my accomplishments. In addition, she was astounded by how attentive I am to details and always do my best to conduct comprehensive research before carrying out assignments.

I am grateful to be working at Activa Clinics and thankful to my supervisor for putting the trust in me and allowing me to take the lead on essential marketing projects of the organization.

How was your work experience at the new job in the first couple of months? Please share in the comments section below.

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