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Infographic: Key to creating a high-converting Amazon listing

There is no doubt that click-throughs and page-views are important as it means more customers visiting the Amazon product page. But if the listing visitor is not converting, its a lost opportunity. So to every Amazon sellers and marketers, what matters at the end of the day is conversion i.e.. sale of product.

According to Landing Cube, most people that come on Amazon are at the “Solution Aware” stage. They are located in the lower part of the purchase funnel, which means people don’t visit Amazon to get ideas or research products, they visit Amazon when they are looking for something they need and are ready to purchase. So, if an Amazon product listing is getting too many visitors but fewer sales (unfortunately, currently the only way to determine this is by your PPC report) it means there is something wrong with the product listing and needs to be optimized!


Example of an Amazon Listing

I have created an infographic to help creating a high-converting Amazon listing.

Below, it covers best practices to follow in order to create a new listing or even troubleshoot a poorly converting Amazon listing in accordance with Amazon terms and policies:

Things to keep in mind while creating Amazon listing

Now its your turn – Go ahead and fine-tune your product listing to achieve those ideal conversion targets. And if you found the information on this post of be useful, please comment, like and share with others!

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